Weird Frog was born in the populated streets of Camden,

in the midst of the cultural ferment of London and the whole of the UK. A crossroads of thought movements and trends from all over Europe that could soon disappear. In these streets, seeing an old hippy drinking a beer with a young yuppie or a metalhead chatting with a trapper does not surprise anyone. Camden has been a fertile ground for raising a new consciousness, sensitive to concerns about a destructive and out of control model of world development. Environmental sustainability, protection of rights and the dissemination of art and culture seem to be far from the online sales proposals of the large marketplaces. In the collective imagination, these multinationals hit the trade of small businesses hard, offering useless and often polluting products, guaranteeing dizzying profits, without giving due weight to employees’ rights. We believe we can change this idea, starting from those values ​​so far from the image that the web’s giants seem to show.



Work with us

What we want to offer you is a different model.

We have created a marketplace by researching and selecting products from independent brands. Artists and artisans who share production and sale ideas linked to our business’s basic philosophy: respect for everything around us. Primary sources selection, packaging and care in products realisation, worker’s rights. The Internet gives us an excellent opportunity to put in contact realities of very different environments but linked by the same ideas of ethical, biological, cultural and alternative trade to the system …

Care of your body, your home, your clothing and your jewellery

These are the four sectors in which we want to help you choose the best-handcrafted products, whether you want to sell or buy. If you want to buy, we offer you an ecological and supportive selection where you can buy without guilt. If you want to sell, we offer you a clientele who can appreciate your work and what is important to you.

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